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Ruby crash course

Posted 15 May 2017

I recently had the pleasure of doing a workshop for my non-ruby programmer colleagues. For unknown reasons I decided to write the crash-course from scratch in slide form, and now that the workshop is over I felt like persisting that work somewhere. So here goes: A ruby syntax crash course for programmers!

Creating convenience queries on Ecto models

Posted 06 Jan 2016

These days most of my free time coding is taking place in elixir, and as anyone who knows anything knows, that means Phoenix. Phoenix is trying to win grounds by being Rails, but with less loading everything all the time, less magic, and much better performance. In many ways I’m loving it, but one of the first things I got really tired of was working with my database in a console. In Rails, my console sessions will often look something like this:

Let's transpile!

Posted 27 Jan 2015

Or compile? I’m not sure anymore. A lot of effort is going into writing ruby and ending up with javascript, these days. Opal, providing the baseline, have inspired a variety of projects, but people I’ve talked to were a bit split the issue of what kind of code would end up being produced this way. I think it’s brilliant.

Texgen time!

Posted 26 Jan 2015

Textgen.. It’s a little piece of JS that went out half a day ago. It’s pretty neat. And, like all technology that deals with graphic representations of a mishmash of algorithms, I have the feeling it’s wasted on my eyes. I usually try 3 functions, everything looks the same, (refer to the 4 images above!), and I give up with the notion that all those impressive fractal Mona Lisas out there are spawn of superiorly mathematical people, who can tap into another - more visually satisfying - ether than the functional one I usually deal with.